1953- Mt. Zion Baptist Church (now Wildwood Baptist) launches a Sunday afternoon children's Bible study intended to minister to children living at Blandy's Trailer Court.  Shortly after, an adult outreach is started.

1954- First meeting of Montrose Mission Church.  Rev. Ralph Neighbor Jr. pastors bi-vocationally while working for Billy Graham Evangelistic Films.

1954- Purchase of abandoned Church building with parsonage and shed.  Building is dedicated on August 15, 1954.

1955- The Montrose mission church is incorporated on July 7th as Montrose Baptist Church.

1956- Ralph Neighbor leaves; Rev. Robert D. Crowely is called as pastor.

1958- Montrose begins construction of a new church building at 5100 Randolph Rd in Rockville..  First worship service is held on December 21st.

1968- Montrose opens a part-time Nursery school.

1969- Work begun on present Worship Center.  First service held Easter 1970.

1971- Montrose Day Care opened.

1977- Montrose Christian School is launched with two kindergarten classes.

1995- Pastor Robert D. Crowley retires.

1996- Church calls Dr. Otis Ray Hope as pastor.

1997- Multi-Cultural Language Ministries were established.

2002- Dr. Otis Ray Hope leaves.

2007- Dr. Ken Fentress called as Senior Pastor.

Throughout our history the mission of Montrose has remained the same: to make disciples of all nations by faithfully proclaiming the Biblical Gospel. We welcome you to come and worship with us on Sunday Mornings.

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